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Welcome to “ - Be beautiful” information website.

Healthy living and beauty salons in Armenia and all over the world develops very rapidly,and we burdened with everyday problems,often are not able to allocate time for our health and beauty thats why we decide to make easy our opportunity in choice.

Now the healthy lifestyle՚s and beauty salons՚ all leader organizations which are in Armenia are collected here,you can make a click and choose the most favourite organization.

"" website gives you an opportunity to find out everything about the facilities of the clinic you choose. For instance, you will be able to see your doctor, learn about his/her qualifications and make sure that only high-quality specialists work in the clinic. We have done our best to make the website both interesting and useful for you.

It’s easy to find what you need with You can search by:

  • Organizations You will have access to all the necessary information including the list of organizations as well as their price lists. Using the filters available you will easily get all the information you need.
  • Location. Choose a district or a street and you’ll see the list of organizations situated in the neighbourhood.
  • Map. Choose the distance, tick the spot on the map and click “LAUNCH”.

Moreover, our visitors can get discounts at organizations’ services. Choose the organization which offers discount, get your coupon and get the treatment at reduced price.

With the help of our website you can also schedule an appointment with the specialist online. If you have any question to specialists, they will be happy to answer you FOR FREE! High-quality specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

Be healthy and beautiful!

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